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Defensive Driving - Child Passenger Safety - CPR BLS initial certification and recertification (for Healthcare Providers)



Car - Contact us for training classes about defensive driving and domestic violence.    
Organizations, companies, educational groups and even individuals should never allow complacency to find its way into their systems of daily activities. In this continually changing and dynamic society, people sometimes fail to realize what maybe passing them by or what they could be liable for in their decisions. Once they do realize the importance the adjustment may come too late. Not keeping current with the latest information, training trends or requirements for self or business can cost money, valuable resources, or worst, injure a person. Whether you manage a large company, volunteer organization, or run a family the responsibilities are vast and exhausting. B.E.C. instructors have  many years of experience in preparing and training in a number of disciplines and are here to help you. We have compiled the most recent information in operator and passenger vehicle safety, domestic relationships, and day to day management in leadership theories to assist you in your future decisions.

Training Classes Available


4hour - 6hour-8hour courses,  Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator (CEVO) Fire, Ambulance, Special Needs, School Bus Driver, Professional Truck Driver, 25 and Alive, The Mature Driver, The Beginner Driver, Van and Utility Truck Operator.



Standardized Child Passenger Safety Class (32-hour), Moving Kids Safely in Child Care, Child Passenger Safety Class for Law Enforcement, Volunteer/Professional Fire, EMS and Special Needs.

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About the Driver Training Classes
The members of our staff have 22 years of background experience in law enforcement. By sharing what they have learned and teaching you the tricks of the trade, we hope you will be better equipped to protect yourself and others after taking a training course. In order to make sure you get the most out of the training course, we have limited the number of applicants who are allowed in each session and only offer the classes at certain times. Contact us today to sign up for a training class.

Car - Contact us for training classes about defensive driving and domestic violence.

Contact us in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, for training classes about driving improvement and child safety seats.

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Visit these links
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration • National Safe Kids Campaign
New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety
South Jersey Traffic Safety Alliance


The CHILD LURES PREVENTION PROGRAM is a learning session to teach children and adolescents how to protect themselves from predators and luring.  The program does not cost anything and is available to small or large groups.  The fee for this is a minimal honorarium and the cost of the supplies.

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